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Famous People — Comprehensive List

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Edson Adams (1824-1888) - Acquired Peralta land with Moon and Horace Carpentier and laid out city of Oakland. His wife Hannah Adams was Oakland's first teacher.

Washington Bartlett (1824-1887) - Mayor of San Francisco, 1882-1884; Governor of California, 1887. Published first book printed in English in California, 1849.

Dr. Cloe Annette Buckel (1833-1912) - Got her medical degree in 1858, served as a nurse in the Civil War. From 1877 was a doctor in California.

Anthony Chabot (1813-1888) - Father of hydraulic mining; brought water to Oakland, San Jose and Vallejo; founded first Chabot Observatory.

Civil War Veterans (Grand Army of the Republic) - Dedicated 1893; includes General Jeremiah C. Sullivan of Grant's staff.

Henry Daniel Cogswell (1820-1900) - Dentist, land speculator, Temperance leader; founded Cogswell Polytechnic Institute, 1888.

David D. Colton (1832-1878) - Associated with "Big Four," railroads, finance and politics; city of Colton named for him.

Ina Coolbrith (1841-1928) - California's first poet laureate; friend of Mark Twain and Bret Harte.

Charles Crocker (1822-1888) - One of the "Big Four" builders of the Central Pacific Railroad.

Henry Brevard Davidson (1831-1899) - Confederate General; West Point Class of 1853.

Frederick Delger (1822-1898) - German shoemaker who became multimillionaire.

Alexander Dunsmuir (1853-1900), Josephine Dunsmuir (1854-1901) and Edna Wallace Hopper (1874-1959) - Alexander built Dunsmuir House for his bride Josephine; he died on their honeymoon, she the next year. Edna, Josephine's daughter, was a "Floradora" showgirl.

Rev. Henry Durant (1802-1875) - Founding president, University of California.

Freda Ehmann (1839-1932) - 'Mother' of the California ripe olive industry.

Joseph Stickney Emery (1820-1909) - Early quarry developer. Founder of Emeryville.

Emily Fish (1844-1931) and Juliet Nichols (1859-1947) - 'Mother-daughter' light keepers at Pt. Pinos and Angel Island.

James A. Folger (1835-1889) - Pioneer coffee producer.

Marcus Foster (1923-1973) - Admired African-American Oakland School Superintendent; first victim of Symbionese Liberation Army.

Domingo Ghirardelli (1817-1894) - Chocolate king; moved family graves from St. Mary's cemetery to Mountain View.

Annie Glud (1853-1929) - Masqueraded as a 'drummer boy' for General Grant during the Civil War when she was about 10 or 11.

William M. Gwin (1805-1885) - One of California's first two U.S. Senators.

Henry H. Haight (1825-1878) - Governor of California 1867-1871.

A.K.P. Harmon (1821-1896) - Lumber and shipping magnate. Donated University of California's first gym.

John C. Hays (1817-1883) - Texas Ranger, first Sheriff of San Francisco, surveyor.

Anna Head (1857-1932) - Founder of Anna Head School (now Head-Royce School).

David Hewes (1822-1915) - Provided the "Golden Spike" for transcontinental railroad ceremony 1869.

Thomas Hill (1829-1928) - "Artist of Yosemite" who painted The Yosemite Valley and The Driving of the Last Spike.

Ralph Wilson Kirkham (1821-1893) - Civil War General for the Union.

Joseph LeConte (1823-1901) - First geology professor at University of California; co-founder of Sierra Club; Yosemite's LeConte Memorial Lodge named for him.

Charles Lux (1823-1887) - Partner in huge Miller & Lux Ranch in California.

Charles Main (1817-1906) - Pioneer harness maker and capitalist.

John Marsh (1799-1856) and Alice Marsh Camron (1852-1927) - He was first American doctor in California in 1836. Alice, his daughter, built Camron-Stanford House.

Bernard Maybeck (1862-1957) - Architect who designed Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco.

Samuel Merritt (1822-1890) - Lake Merritt and Merritt College bear his name.

C.O.G. Miller (1865-1952) - Headed Pacific Gas Lighting Corporation.

Julia Morgan (1872-1957) - California's first woman architect; designed nearly 800 buildings in California including Hearst Castle.

Frank Norris (1870-1902) - Novelist: McTeague, The Octopus.

Rossell O'Brien (1846-1914) - Civil War veteran who started the custom of standing and removing one's hat during the National Anthem.

Romuoldo Pacheco (1831-1899) - First California-born governor, 1875.

George C. Pardee (1857-1941) - Governor of California 1903-1907; 'father' of EBMUD.

Patten Brothers, Moses Chase - First American settlers on eastern shore of the Bay.

George C. Perkins (1839-1923) - Governor of California, 1880-1883.
Remillard Family - French-Canadians whose bricks built San Francisco.

Isaac Requa (1828-1905) - Made fortune in Comstock and railroads; built 'The Highlands,' Piedmont showplace.

Jane K. Sather (1824-1911) - Donor of Sather Gate and The Campanile (Sather Tower) to University of California; buried in "Borax" Smith's mausoleum (see below).

Joe Shoong (1879-1961) - Chinese immigrant who founded National Dollar Stores.

Captain William T. Shorey (1859-1919) - Only black whaling captain on Pacific coast, 1886.

Francis Marion 'Borax' Smith (1846-1931) - Made a fortune in "Twenty Mule Team" Borax, Key Route trains, streetcars, ferries, built the Claremont Hotel.

Josiah Stanford (1817-1890) - Older brother of Leland Stanford; ran Stanford Winery.

Douglas Tilden (1860-1935) - Prominent Califonia sculptor.