Reason to Choose Us for Cremation

Reason to Choose Us



Our Crematory at Mountain View Cemetery Association is a well maintained, cared for and modern cremation facility. Families tell us our Crematory is their trusted choice for the following reasons.


We are happy to schedule a Crematory tour for you can see our facility first hand. Of course, access depends on our service schedule. Please call for an appointment to tour our Crematory.


All of our Crematory operators are fully trained according to our cremation operating policies, which were developed in accordance with California State Law, Matthews Cremation Division, and the Cremation Association of North America (CANA). Our crematory operating and manager's license is always clearly displayed. Mountain View Cemetery Association is a proud member of CANA.


Our modern cremation equipment is manufactured by Matthews Cremation Division, a company dedicated to using environmentally-driven equipment and reducing its carbon footprint. Equipment is serviced regularly and a log is kept of every cremation. For environmental health, our cremation equipment is annually licensed by the Bay Area Air Quality Control Board and includes emission control equipment.

Witness Cremation

Families may request to be present during the cremation of a family member or friend. For safety purposes, we require that a staff member be present during your service and a fee is charged accordingly.


After each cremation, our cremation chambers are thoroughly cleaned in accordance with California State Law. Our cremation chamber is available for you to observe its cleanliness and condition.

Comfortable Environment

If you choose to accompany your family member or friend's casket to the crematory, whether you choose to witness the cremation or not, you will find our facility is modern, ceremonial and respectfully appointed.


We complete our cremations in a timely manner.

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