Frederick Law Olmsted

With its booming population growth early in the 1860s, Oakland’s city leaders were looking for a new and larger cemetery to serve the public.

At that same time, Frederick Law Olmsted, the renowned landscape architect responsible for designing Central Park in New York City, headed west to California and a post as Superintendent of the Mariposa mining estate. The demand for his administrative and planning expertise was more than even he could have predicted. Besides being appointed as the frst President of the Yosemite Valley Commission, Olmsted accepted the unique challenge of designing Oakland’s new Mountain View Cemetery.

The impressive result of Olmsted’s plan for Mountain View Cemetery, and its four-fountain main mall, is a perfect example of his blending the natural beauty of an area with functional man-made features to create a lasting tribute to both man and nature.

In the 1920s, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. assisted with landscape planning at Mountain View Cemetery.

Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr.
Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.
Olmsted's Plan for Mountain View Cemetery

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