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Charles Crocker


Charles Crocker is interred in a mausoleum designed by New York architect Arthur Page Brown, who later designed the San Francisco Ferry Building. Initially a successful Sacramento dry goods merchant, Crocker went on to become a founder of the Southern Pacifc Railroad and Crocker Bank.

Frank Norris


Franck Norris, author of what was later called ‘the romantic realist’ school of writing, published three novels—McTeague, The Octopus and The Pit. Norris was one of a number of celebrated fgures on the vibrant early San Francisco literary scene.

Henry J. Kaiser


Henry J. Kaiser was the founder of Kaiser Steel & Aluminum. His various enterprises were responsible for such projects as the building of Hoover Dam, and most notably the building of World War II liberty ships. He also briefly produced a motorcar, the ‘Henry J.’

Julia Morgan


Julia Morgan was a physically diminutive woman whose vision was responsible for such architecturally striking structures as U.C. Berkeley’s Greek Theater, Hearst Gymnasium, the Neptune & Roman Pools and Main building at Hearst’s Castle in San Simeon. Julia came from a prominent Oakland family and studied architecture at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She graduated from U.C. Berkeley’s College of Engineering. In 1904 Julia took and passed the state examination for certifcation as an architect, thus becoming the frst woman ever to be licensed as an architect in the state of California.

Bernard Maybeck


Bernard Maybeck was the son of a western German master builder. He was best known for his architectural designs of individual homes in the Arts and Crafts style, which stressed simplicity of adornment, use of native materials in building and accommodating a structure to ft in with its environment. Maybeck was responsible for the design of the 1915 Pan-Pacifc Exposition’s Palace of Fine Arts located in San Francisco. He was also Julia Morgan’s geometry teacher at U.C. Berkeley, and later her professional mentor.

Thomas Hill


Thomas Hill was born in England the son of a tailor. He originally lived in Massachusetts, but failing health prompted his move to California where he was introduced to the lush California landscapes he later be gan to paint. Along with painter Albert Bierstadt, Hill became famous as a landscape artist of Yosemite Valley. He was a disciple of John Muir and the confdant of many young artists. Hill was also an early member of the Bohemian Club, where several of his masterpieces are exhibited today.

Samuel Merritt, M.D.


Samuel Merritt M.D., one of the frst mayors of Oakland—a physician, shipbuilder, philanthropist, early regent of the University of California, founder of Merritt Hospital (now part of Summit Medical Center) and a founding trustee of the Mountain View Cemetery Association.

Anna Head


Anna Head was born in Boston and raised in San Mateo County where her father was a judge. A graduate of the University of California in 1879, she went on to establish a school for girls in Berkeley in 1888 where the curriculum included cooking, physical education, art and music, in addition to its academic subjects. In recent years, the school was moved to the Oakland hills and is now the co-educational college preparatory institution known as Head-Royce School.

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