Mountain View Cemetery empathizes with the community’s desire for and need for park like space.

Before this pandemic MVC and the plot owners had a long history of welcoming the public to enjoy the park-like space. Since MVC was closed because of Covid, two things occurred:

    1. Plot owners appreciated what it is like to have the cemetery be solely open to them and their families - it is quiet, serene, and respectful. They complained of the Cemetery’s prior overuse for public recreation.
    2. The Cemetery has and continues to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars responding to City complaints that it repaired an unstable hillside to prevent a landslide.

Still, MVC wants a good relationship with the community and the City as well as honor the concerns of its plot owners. Thus MVC is offering, on a trial basis, a pilot program to partially re-open the Cemetery to approved public recreational activities.

The basics of the Pilot Program

  • Opening date: Saturday, May 8th
  • Two days/week: Saturday and Wednesday
  • Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm
  • Where: Enter only at Piedmont Avenue gate only. Sign In is required at the gate.
  • Dog Rules - Since the majority of the plot owners complaints have been the inconsideration shown by some of the dog owners, dogs will still be allowed but only so long as these rules are followed:
    • Limited to two dogs/person or family
    • On leash only (voice command does not qualify as a leash)
    • Leash Length - 8’ maximum
    • Bring your own poop bags – clean up after your pet
    • Must stay on paved roads and paths
    • Prohibited from plots and indoor areas
    • No aggressive or agitated dogs
    • No paid dog walkers
    • To be clear: Owners are responsible for their pets
  • Other Rules
    • No unauthorized alcohol
    • Fresh cut flowers only
    • No loud vehicles or music
    • No skateboards
    • No scooters
  • The Cemetery will monitor success or lack of thereof. The Cemetery reserves the sole right to modify or cancel, the pilot program without notice.
  • Cemetery Rules and Regulations are required for the safety of the public, customers and Staff; violation by anyone, may subject them to immediate removal from premises.


• Contrary to public perception, MVC is a private non-profit cemetery providing mortuary and cemetery services to the public. Unlike other open spaces in Oakland, it does not receive any public or church funding. Costs to host the public, such as security, events and trash collection, are borne by plot owners.
• While Mountain View Cemetery and the plot owners recognize that the majority of the public were respectful of the graves and surroundings, before the Covid mandated closure to the public, MVC and the families of the those buried at MVC, suffered negative consequences of its generosity—everything from vandalism, to speeding vehicles, loud pipes and music, dogs unleashed running across plots, dog owners failing to pick up their dog’s poop, and litter from picnics.
• In the year since closure, the families of the interred, have enjoyed the quiet, peaceful serenity of the cemetery, and they, the owners of Mountain View Cemetery are not in favor of re-opening to the public. Through this pilot program, MVC hopes to reassure its customers that the serenity of cemetery can co-exist with re-opening to the public and that reopening will encourage the City department to accept the repair work performed to prevent loss of life and damage to property.

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